Due to rapid change in global arena, the societies are transformed in the same speed. Different issues such as environment, social, demographic, education and technological issues must have the international dimension and consequences.  In order to engulf these all, the educational institutions are under the compulsion that they must incorporate the international scope of their teaching, learning, understanding, global citizenship, research and services.
 All present scenario, all the educational institutions around the world have committed themselves in making their own internationally oriented curriculum

RIA also committed to provide international exposures to its students in global arena in different subjective and informative sector of education.

Penpals, project, mutual visit of teachers and students etc. provides ample opportunities to get the knowledge and increases the understanding level of students in communication, cultures, education system, curriculum etc.
Such exchange programme strengthens the bond of relationship between many educational institutions across the world.
RIA has already conducted some visit with other abroad schools and conducted regular international projects.
 Some Reciprocal Visit

  • We have already visited “The Indian Heights School”, Dwarka, New Delhi, India.
  • We are going to visit South Molten Community College, UK, London and Senior Secondary Model School, Punjab, India.